Fruity LSD

Fruity LSD allows you to access the synthesizer/sampler built into your soundcard from within FL Studio. It provides sixteen MIDI instruments with an option to import DLS level 1 banks. Since Fruity LSD is a software synthesizer, you can process its output with effects, just as you would with a normal generator.

Using Fruity LSD in conjunction with MIDI Out plugin/s you can play up to sixteen separate instruments from your soundcards general MIDI synth/sampler. See the section on playing General MIDI files on the Import MIDI Data page.


  1. Load Fruity LSD as an effect in the Mixer track/s of your choice. Fruity LSD feeds the audio from your soundcard directly to that location.
  2. Load a MIDI Out (instrument) plugin on the Instrument Channel containing the note (MIDI) data you want to play the LSD instruments with.
  3. MIDI ports - Set the MIDI Out to the same Port number as the Fruity LSD, the default is Port 1.
  4. Multi channel control - You can play each of the 16 instrument slots on the Fruity LSD plugin. Each LSD instrument responds to the MIDI channel number preceding the instrument selector. As each instance of the Fruity LSD plugin can only transmit on one MIDI Channel at a time, you will need to use multiple Instrument channels holding a MIDI Out plugin and set:

    A. The MIDI channel - selector, on the top left corner of the MIDI Out plugin. OR

    B. The Note color groups - If you have imported a MIDI file with MIDI channels encoded as Piano roll note color groups, note color transmit on independent MIDI channels, as shown below.

  5. Set the Fruity LSD to Port 0 and it will respond to all MIDI channels (Omni mode). A similar technique can also be used to use multiple controllers transmitting on independent MIDI channels for live playing of the LSD plugin.


Main Parameters

Additional Parameters

Notes & Tips

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin

Thanks To: Chris Moulios for the source code