Fruity Reeverb

This is a legacy plugin, we recommend Fruity Reeverb 2

Fruity Reeverb, short for reverberation, simulates acoustic spaces. If you clap your hands in a bathroom and in a concert hall, the two sounds will be quite different. In enclosed spaces reflections overlap one another to create a reverberant sound. Fruity Reeverb parameters allow you to simulate different types of acoustic spaces. If you want to give your acoustic and electronic instruments a realistic (live) feel, then use of reverb is critical. Alternatives to Fruity Reeverb are Fruity Reeverb 2. and Fruity Convolver.

NOTE: Reverb is one of those effects that is easy to overdo in a mix, creating a washed out and 'muddy' sound. Reverb works best on isolated or solo instruments. When your track gets busy and has a lot going on it is better to use some light delay on instruments. Rarely should you use reverb on the Master track and affect the whole mix, this tends to muddy the sound also.


Plugin Credits

Algorithms: Ultrafunk.

Translation: Frederic Vanmol.