Fruity X-Y Controller

Fruity X-Y Controller is an internal controller plugin that allows you to use your mouse (or joystick) to generate two smooth controller inputs. It has the following inputs:

X-Y Ctrl - X - The value of this controller depends on the X (horizontal) position of a target (small circle with a cross) in a 2D grid.

X-Y Ctrl - Y - The value of this controller depends on the Y (vertical) position of the target.

To use this plugin, place an instance of it in any effects track. Open the editor window. You will see the target in the middle of a 2D grid. Drag in the grid to change the goal position and the target will follow. The X and Y controller values also change according to the target movement, reaching minimum at the bottom left corner of the grid and maximum at the top right corner.

NOTES: Once this plugin is loaded it will appear as an 'Internal controller' link option in the 'Link to controller' Right-click dialog on automatable controls. You can also control the target using a joystick.


X/Y Setup Section:

Contains options for the X/Y axis interpretation and goal position.

Additional Options:

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin