Fruity X-Y-Z Controller

The Fruity X-Y-Z Controller is an internal controller plugin that allows you to use your mouse or touch to generate three control sources for controls in FL Studio and plugins. In multi-touch mode, pinch controls the Z-axis.

X-Y-Z Panel - Outputs from the plugin for X (horizontal), Y (vertical) and Z (depth) are controlled by the cursor. Z is controlled by the mouse-wheel or pinch-zoom on multi-touch displays. To use the XYZ plugin, place an instance of it in any effects track. Drag in the grid to change the cursor position and the target will follow.

NOTE: Once this plugin is loaded it will appear as an 'Internal controller' link option in the 'Link to controller' Right-click dialog on automatable controls.


Click the X, Y & Z buttons to focus the lower controls to that axis.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin