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Ogun effects are as follows:

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The 3 band parametric Equalizer (EQ) features the following controls for each band (from top to bottom within each band):


Chorus is an effect created by the slight detuning of multiple copies of the output sound (similar to a choir of voices). The controls contain parameters that affect the rate, time offset, shape and depth of detune. This effect is related to Unison (described elsewhere), but operates on the whole output of Ogun rather than per voice.


Delay can be used to create echo & stereo-space effects.


Reverb, short for 'reverberation', simulates acoustic spaces. If you clap your hands in a bathroom and in a concert hall, the two sounds will be quite different. In enclosed spaces reflections overlap one another to create a reverberant sound. The Reverb parameters allow you to simulate different types of acoustic spaces. If you want to give your sounds a realistic (live) feel, then reverb is highly useful.

Programming Ogun

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Code & GUI: Didier Dambrin.