Ogun Master Controls

The Master controls include the options menu as shown.

Click on the following headings to open

Main Page

Master Controls

Volume & Pitch Sliders

Three sliders at the top-left of the user interface.


X-Y modulation settings - These are freely assignable (to target parameters in Ogun through the Modulation X / Y articulation parts) and can then be linked to external controllers.

Info / Comments

Left-click in this box to edit the information associated with the sound preset.


The WilldoEnGin creates a random patch. For times when inspiration is lagging. Ogun and Autogun can share random patch numbers. See 'Enter random preset number' in the Options menu below.


Down-arrow button at the top-right of the user interface.

Show / hide testing keyboard

Press the (mini-keyboard) button to show or hide the testing mouse-keyboard.

To see a list of programming tips see the Programming Ogun section.

Synthesis Controls

Effects Controls

Programming Ogun

Plugin Credits -

Code & GUI: Didier Dambrin.