PoiZone V2

DEMO ONLY: Poizone is available as a demo version in FL Studio and needs to be purchased separately so you can save projects containing Poizone channels.


PoiZone is a subtractive software synthesizer designed to bring you professional quality results, without a learning curve that hinders your creativity. The concept behind PoiZone was to design a synthesizer that had a great sound derived from the smallest number of controls, without sacrificing flexibility and features. Non-essential controls were ruthlessly removed so what remains is a user interface where every knob counts. Once you have spent some time auditioning the preset patches we are sure you will agree that PoiZone packs a lot of punch in what appears to be a simple package, enjoy!


PoiZone has the following key features -

Mothers everywhere will be saying "What's that NOISE!"

Plugin Credits:

PoiZone was created by Maxx Claster exclusively for -

Image Line Software