PoiZone - Effects


The effects are important to add 'polish' to your sounds. PoiZone offers a DELAY and CHORUS effect bank, To activate the effect, click on the 'ON' button (it will light-up red).

Values for controls may be seen in the top left display of PoiZone.


Delay is an echo-based effect. Very short values of the delay time controls can produce a 'reverb' like sound.


The Chorus effect results from the interaction of several copies of the original sound that are detuned by a very small and constantly variable amount. It is called 'Chorus' because it can make a single voice sound like that of a chorus of singers (all slightly out of tune relative to each other) to create a thick and lush texture. The Chorus in PoiZone does not have delay time control, rather delay time is modulated with the main LFO, so it varies from zero to "depth" in range. With rate at which the pitch variations occur is controlled by "rate" knob.