PoiZone - Envelope Generator

Envelope Generator

The Envelope Generator is a user assignable Envelope that is used to control parameters inside PoiZone to add motion or variability to sounds. The envelope is triggered on a per-note basis at the start of each note.

Envelope Generator Controls

  • EG DEST: Envelope destination, select from -
    • CUTOFF: Cutoff frequency of the filter.
    • FREQ A: Frequency of OSC A.
    • FREQ AB: Frequency of OSC A and B.
    • PW A: Pulse Width for OSC A.
    • PW AB: Pulse Width for OSC A and B.
  • AMOUNT: Amount can be -100 to +100%. The middle value of the slider is zero.
  • A, D, S, R: Attack (ramp up speed), Decay (ramp down speed), Sustain (sustain level), Release (release rate) of the envelope.