PoiZone - LFO


LFO is a 'Low Frequency Oscillator' that is an Oscillator that creates an output changes at a rate less than 30 Hz. This generator is used to control parameters inside PoiZone to add motion or variability to sounds in order to make them more interesting or a 'human' feeling.

LFO Controls

  • LFO DEST: LFO Destination, select from -
    • CUTOFF: Cutoff of the filter frequency (pitch) of oscillator (OSC) A and B.
    • FREQ A: Frequency of OSC A.
    • FREQ AB: Frequency of OSC A and B.
    • PW A: Pulse Width for OSC A.
    • PW AB: Pulse Width for OSC A and B.
    • PAN: Stereo Panning.
  • AMOUNT: Amount of LFO effect applied to the signal. This is a bi-polar control: -100% at the top (inverted effect), 0%/no effect in the middle, & 100% at bottom.
  • RATE: Determines the frequency of the LFO, faster is up.
  • SHAPE: Select the LFO waveform shape (SAW, PULSE, TRIANGLE, SINE, RANDOM).
  • RETRIG: Retrigger, when selected restarts the LFO cycle at the start of each note.
  • TMP SYNC: Tempo Sync, synchronizes the LFO speed to the host tempo. Left-click to show a drop-down menu of options from 1/16th to 32/16th. When the display shows 'no sync' there is no tempo sync and rate of LFO is defined by the 'RATE' knob.