Sawer - Effects


The effects are important to add 'polish' to your sounds. Sawer offers CHORUS, PHASER, DELAY and REVERB. To activate the effect, click on the 'ON' button next to the effect name (it will light red).


The Chorus effect results from the interaction of several copies of the original sound that are detuned by a very small and continuously variable amount. 'Chorus' is so called because it makes a single voice sound like a chorus of singers (all slightly out of tune relative to each other). Chorus creates a thick and lush texture. The Chorus in Sawer does not have a delay time control, rather delay time is modulated with the main LFO. With rate at which the pitch variations occur is controlled by "rate" knob.


Phasing is closely related to Flanging. Various frequencies in the original signal are delayed by different amounts, causing peaks and troughs in the output signal. Phasing and flanging sound similar, as both come from combining delayed versions of the signal with the original. However, the Phasing effect is significantly more intense, with a greater 'sweeping' effect across the spectrum.


Delay is an echo-based effect. Very short values of the delay time controls can produce a 'reverb' like sound while longer asymmetrical settings are great for left-right 'ping-pong' effects.


Reverb, short for reverberation, simulates acoustic spaces. If you clap your hands in a bathroom and in a concert hall, the two sounds will be quite different. In enclosed spaces reflections overlap one another to create a 'reverberant' sound. Sawer's reverb parameters allow you to simulate different types of acoustic spaces. If you want to give your patches a realistic (live) feel, then use of reverb is critical.