Sytrus - Arpeggiator

Sytrus has a unique method of creating arpeggios (Arps). Arps are defined by Envelope (usually volume, modulation or filter) arpeggiator 'break-points' that can be applied to the Envelope nodes. See Working with Envelopes for more detail on the basics of Envelope manipulation and also where you can open the Envelope Sequencer Tool.

There are three types of Envelope Break Points used in making arpeggios (the middle three in the picture left), Previous, Same, Next. The first and last nodes relate to the loop start and end points (Loop Sustain start and Loop Sustain End respectively).

When a chord is played and the envelope is set to arpeggiate, each of the notes in the chord is played in turn within the envelope loop, as defined by the Arp break-point flags. Arp break-points are described in more detail below.


To add or change an Arp break-point, Right-click on the envelope node and select 'Arpeggiator break' from the popup menu, then select one of the following break-point types from the sub-menu.

Making an Arpeggio