Sytrus - The Effects Module

The effects module offers high-quality chorus effect, 3 delay lines which can process either in parallel or in serial (with the possibility to send the module output to a mixer send track for further processing) and a reverb section.


Panning (PAN)

Allows you to pan the signal before it is processed by the effects.

Chorus Effect

The chorus effect enables you to enrich the stereo panorama and depth even for simple patches. It can also be used as a less CPU-intensive alternative to the integrated unison mode (see the main module page), if you don't need to use any of the advanced unison features, such as sub-level voices, custom parameter mapping , etc.

You can load several presets for the chorus effect by clicking the Options button on the Sytrus interface () and pointing to the chorus submenu.

Send Track Settings

Here you can select a mixer send track and send level if you want to send the signal to a track for further processing.

Select the send track number from the LCD (NUM) and adjust the send level (VOL).

Delay Line Settings

The effects module includes 3 separate delay lines (echo) which can process either in parallel or in serial.

To see the settings for each delay line, select one via the D1/D2/D3 switches.

To enable the effect, turn on the Enabled LED.

Reverb section

The effects module includes a high quality reverb based on the Fruity Reeverb FX plugin.

Articulation Section

The articulation section allows you to apply an envelope, LFO, map keys, velocity or unison mode voices to a set of predefined properties. To see the full list of envelopes/mapping in the articulation section and their meaning, please check the envelope editor page.

The filter mode supports the following articulation targets (controlled parameters):