Sytrus - The Filter Module

The Filter Module has 13 filter modes and many options that you can tweak to get the perfect sound for your project. It includes a complete articulation section that allows you full control over the filter parameters. The module also includes waveshaping distortion with customizable mapping.

The SVF filter is capable of handling 3 filter modes simultaneously - low-pass, band-pass and high-pass.

NOTE: The Filter Mode switch is automatable.


Filter Mode (Automatable)


The Cherry Phaser is implemented as a filter type (see above) giving you full control of the frequency and enabling the phaser to be synced to the LFO, with full control of the LFO shape.

Common Filter Settings

These settings control some common aspects of the filter (cutoff, resonance, etc.)

Low/Band/High Levels

These settings apply to the included SVF filter only. Each slider controls the amount of output from each of the filter bands: L: low-pass,B: band-pass, H: high-pass. By default, the low-pass level is set to maximum, while the rest are muted.

WaveShaper Settings

Each filter module includes an optional waveshaper distortion. This distortion maps the input signal amplitude to another amplitude based on the waveshaper mapping (see the Articulation section below).

To enable the effect, turn on the Enabled LED.

Send to Next

This knob allows you to send the audio processed by the current filter module to the next one. This feature is available for the first two filter modules only.

Articulation Section

The articulation section allows you to apply an envelope, LFO, map keys, velocity or unison mode voices to a set of pre-defined properties. For a full list of envelopes/mapping in the Articulation section and their descriptions, see envelope editor page.

The filter mode supports the following articulation targets (controlled parameters):