Sytrus - Working with the Harmonics Editor

The operators in Sytrus contain a fully-featured harmonics editor in which you can define an oscillator shape with up to 128 harmonics, either by drawing the harmonics manually or by analyzing external samples.

Harmonic Editing

An harmonic is a simple sine-wave that is an exact (integer) multiple of the starting frequency (in this case 1,2,3,...128). Harmonic Editors allow you to perform 'additive synthesis', in which you mix together harmonics (upper facing bars) and adjust their phase (downward facing bars). Using this technique you can create any type of waveform.

In the example below, a square-wave has been created by adding the first 30 (or so) odd harmonics and adjusting their phase. Bars on the graph may be Left-clicked and moved up and down to adjust the relative level (upper) and phase (lower) values of a harmonic. After the mix is calculated, the shape amplitude is normalized to 100%.

Additional Commands Menu ( )

Click the arrow at the bottom left corner for commands related to working with the harmonics: