Claw Machine Tool

The Claw Machine works on a tempo-sliced sample removing beats, adding beats and/or shifting beats to create interesting new rhythms. The Claw Machine is particularly effective at speeding up the tempo of a song (by extracting beats) without creating time-stretch/pitch-shift artifacts. The Claw Machine is also a great tool for working on starting scores with regular rhythms, although experimentation will be rewarded.

NOTE: An alternative is to use the Piano roll Claw tool with loops in Slicex.

To Open the Claw Machine Tool

To open click on the Claw Tool button or press (Alt+W) inside the Editor, or use the Tools > Time > Claw option. NOTE: The sample must have a tempo (or beatmarkers) set before the Claw Machine option will become available, due to the fact that the Claw Machine slices the audio according to the time-grid and relies on the sample being aligned to the grid in a meaningful way:

Aligning the grid to the sample tempo

Prior to claw processing make sure the sample has the correct tempo and beats are aligned to the Sample Window grid.


Block extraction

Compensation stretching

Stretches sliced samples to fill gaps left by 'clawed' slices.

Action buttons