Equalize Tool

The Equalize Tool is a linear phase EQ and boosts or cuts frequencies according to a user defined EQ envelope. The example below shows the effect of the selected EQ curve on a white noise sample. Frequency is displayed on the horizontal axis, time on the vertical axis (sample start is at the top, sample end is at the bottom) while intensity/saturation of color represents frequency amplitude.

To Open the Equalization Tool

To open the tool you can either Left-click on the EQ Tool button , press (Ctrl+E) inside the Editor, or use the Tools > Spectral > EQ option.


Editing envelopes - Right-click in the 'Envelope Editor Window' to add points, and Left-click to move points and tension markers. Right-click points to open a context menu that will allow you to delete points or change the curve type. The default mid-line is 'no change'. Boost/Cut values appear in the FL Studio Hint Bar as the nodes and tension handles are moved.

Time is represented on the vertical axis and Frequency on the horizontal axis.

EQ envelope options

Action buttons