ReWire, Connecting to external software

ReWire is a communications protocol originally developed by Propellerhead Software & Steinberg. It enables instruments, sequencers and DAWs to connect and share 'sample accurate' audio and transport functions. A Rewire video tutorial is available.

FL Studio supports both client and host mode for all ReWire applications. The following pages describe how FL Studio implements ReWire and contain step-by-step guides on how to use ReWire to connect FL Studio with Cubase™ SX, Live™, Sonar™ (client), ReBirth™ and Reason™ (host).

NOTE: FL Studio can also be used as a VST plugin. If your DAW software supports VST, we recommend loading FL STudio as a VST inside the host, rather than using ReWire.

Host & Client Modes

Host Mode

Client Mode


NOTE: FL Studio can also be linked in client mode as a VST synth.