Using FL Studio ReWire with ReBirth

The following guide covers the steps required to use the FL Studio ReWire device with Propellerhead Software's ReBirth.

The guide assumes you have read and understood the general information and guidelines about using FL Studio as a ReWire host (see Host Mode).

1. Add ReWired to the project

Add an instance of the ReWired plugin to your project.

2. Select a Client

Select ReBirth Audio from the Client combo box of the ReWired channel.

If ReBirth Audio is not present in the list, make sure ReBirth is properly registered/installed. Keep in mind only ReBirth 2.01 and later support ReWire (ReBirth 2.0 and earlier cannot connect with FL Studio).

3. Launch ReBirth

Launch ReBirth from the Start Menu shortcut.

4. End

ReBirth will now operate as a ReWire client for FL Studio. All of the output will stream into the ReWired plugin and the playback and song position will be synchronized.