Did you know the FL Studio demo is downloaded over 30,000 times each day! FL Studio is available in 3 versions priced according to features. If you are interested in other Image-Line products please click the tabs above.

       Please check the FEATURES & PLUGINS you want are included in the version you buy!



Download version: 299 USD

Boxed version: 399 USD


Note: The Signature Bundle is a bundle of FL Studio Producer Edition and additional plugins shown above.

Download version: 199 USD

Boxed version: 269 USD


  • All Fruity features +
  • Multi-track audio recording.
  • Audio Clips.
  • Automation Clips & Editing.
  • FL Edison editor & recorder.
  • FL Slicex loop slicer/arranger.
  • FL Vocodex vocoder.
  • FL SynthMaker.
  • Lifetime FREE updates to Producer Edition by download.
  • NOT all plugins (Check here)

Download version:99 USD

Boxed version: 139 USD


  • These instruments & effects
  • Mixer (100+ tracks).
  • External MIDI control.
  • Unlimited Inst. Channels.
  • Step Sequencer.
  • FL Direct Wave (player).
  • Supports VST/2/3 & DX.
  • Supports WAV, MP3, OGG.
  • MIDI import/export
  • Playlist arranging.
  • Piano typing keyboard.
  • Pattern Clips
  • Piano roll with chords & slides.
  • Automation record & edit.
  • ASIO support (for low latency).
  • Internal controllers.
  • Use as a VSTi instrument.
  • Lifetime FREE updates.
  • No audio recording.
  • No Audio Clips.
  • No Automation Clips.
  • NOT all plugins (Check here)

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Why buy FL Studio?

When you become a registered customer, you will receive:

  • Lifetime FREE Updates to the edition you purchase via download. Every future version of FL Studio free!
  • Technical support
  • Participation in the online user community
  • Free downloads, content and samples
  • Access to pre-release betas of FL Studio and plugins.
  • Download your registration key from your account, any time, on any computer with internet access.
  • Re-open any project saved from the FL Studio demo version. Don't delete those demo projects!
  • If you have the demo there's nothing more to download except a small unlock key and you are ready to go.
  • By officially endorsing FL Studio you support us, so that FL Studio & the community continues to grow.


FL Studio mobile allows you to create complete multi-track music projects on your Android device or iOS device (i.Pod touch, i.Phone or i.Pad) and, if you want, load mobile projects into FL Studio and take them to the next level.


If it’s a beat on the Stepsequencer, a melody on the Piano roll or a full song on the Playlist, FL Studio mobile has you covered. Never lose that idea again.


Get it down and happening wherever you are. Buy FL Studio mobile now, available on Google Play and iTunes.

Notes: 1. You can upgrade from one FL Studio version to another although it's most cost effective to buy the version you will ultimately use, check the shop for pricing details. 2. FL preceding a plugin instrument/effect notes it's a 'native' FL Studio version (VST versions that can be used outside FL Studio are usually sold separately). 3. Image-Line reserves the right to change the plugins included with any FL Studio Edition or Bundle. Changes will not apply retrospectively, plugins licensed to you as part of the original bundle will remain yours.


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