AmirYar was born in Iran and lives to make music. The first track we heard from AmirYar was SALAM (shown right). The next track we heard was TANHAM. And we just knew AmirYar should be on our Power User list. So we caught up with AmirYar and asked him about his music, life and FL Studio.

How did you get into music?

My name is AmirYar, The artistic point of my life stared around 12. It was my birthday and I was drowning in numerous presents and gifts but one of them changed the destiny of my life which was a simple keyboard.

From the time I got the keyboard, I started working and recognizing notes and tones. I was interested in Music so I decided to study and learn all I could about it.

Life was not such an easy one. My family couldn’t afford to send me to a music school or purchase the instruments I need. So, eventually after much personal study I got acquainted music principles. While at school I used to write poems instead of studying and I was dismissed because of drawing musical instruments in my books and inattention.

Years later I was still interested in music and used to record my voice on a cassette tape and sing my favorite songs. I was always aspiring to see my favorite singers and I always liked to sing the song which I listened to.

Now my dreams have come true and I appreciate the grace of God for pushing me forward. I now produce music professionally and I have succeeded in my own way. With many fans around the world and some famous tracks released, I am still listening to all kinds of music to understand their production techniques. Composing is so easy for me now, although I’m trying to pay the same attention and concern as I used to in my childhood, because I still want to learn as much as I can!


Why do you use FL Studio?

I have tried so many software programs and they were fine but were not the thing I wanted. The day I got familiar with FL Studio I felt that it was made for me! FL Studio has a great space and makes it so easy to be in touch with the tools. Right now FL Studio is pretty famous and I’m sure it’s going to be better and efficient more in future.

Tell us about your production environment & toys?

I produce music in my private home studio and I don’t have a lot of hardware but most of the FL Studio tools make sure I am satisfied.

You are originally from Iran what’s the music business like there?

In Iran there are so many singers but they don’t have permission to publish some of their work, and don’t have any official music studios. Many just sing or compose for themselves. I hope that someday these problems end and their dreams come true because there are many gifted and talented musicians there.

What do you wish for the future

I wish to be among the top musicians in the world and to share my fortune and wealth with the poor. I think we live just once and we should help and have sympathy each other.

Any links you would like to share?

Instagram: /amiryar

YouTube: /amiryar