How did start creating music ?


I started producing music at the age of 17 the year 2002, many of my family members are singing so I guess I got it from them.


I’ve produced, written and released 3 BassHunter albums and 10 BassHunter singles during the period (2006-2009).




  • Boten Anna
  • DotA
  • Vifta med Handerna
  • Jingle Bass
  • Now Youre Gone
  • All I Ever Wanted
  • Angel in the Night
  • I Miss You
  • I Can Walk on Water
  • Every Morning
  • I Promised Myself
  • Northern Light





  • 2006 : LOL
  • 2008 : Now Youre Gone The Album
  • 2009 : Bass Generation

Now Youre Gone The Single was #1 for five weeks and The Album was #1 for two weeks in the UK chart, which are two of my greater achievements.




How did you end up using FL Studio ?



A friend of mine showed me Fruityloops when I visited his place for a LAN party, and I got hooked right away.


I’m mainly a PC user so Fruityloops was the perfect music program for me to use.


What does FL Studio mean in your setup ?


Basshunters hotel-room studio 🙂


FL STUDIO is my main program in my setup atm, not that much hardware.


What are the advantages/ disadvantages of using hardware & software ?


The advantages with producing electronic music with FL STUDIO are many, for ex:


The sequencer and the piano roll are awesome, you can produce any melody and harmony with the mouse in just a few minutes.


The animation of the entire program makes it easy to use and navigate, and because everything is so easy to find, it’s easy to learn.


It doesn’t need much space on the hard drive and compared to other music programs you can use FL STUDIO on a normal PC / Laptop without latency.


Disadvantages? Well, nobody is perfect but:


You can’t use FL STUDIO on MAC OS 🙁


Any FL Studio loop (flp samples) you would care to donate so our users can listen to/learn from your skills ?


I do have many samples that I’ve created myself, but they are not ready to be shared, not yet.

When I got more time, I’m going to record some vocal packs with some male / female shouts, screams, hands-up vocals etc.


I guess I just have to put up a few microphones during my pre-parties, hand out some drinks and then let the girls scream whatever they want 😛


I like to inspire people, specially new producers, and sometimes I have remix competitions and other stuff on the website, check it out if you want to.


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