I’m Matthew (Boi-1da), I was Born in Jamaica and moved to Canada when I was five, and grew up in Toronto. When I was eight, my mother bought me a Casio keyboard and by 15 I started using FL Studio. A few years later, I won three consecutive Battle of the Beatmakers championships and from then on my career exploded.

Tell us about your music and yourself?

I got started with music at the age of 15, a friend had told me about FL Studio, I ended up going out and getting a copy of it and using it ever since.

How did you come to use FL Studio & what were your first impressions?

My first impression of FL Studio was the fact that it was very user friendly and easy to understand, I learned the basics of it within an hour of use.

Boi1da working on Drake

Tell us about your production environment & toys?

With my FL Studio I use an M-Audio Axiom MIDI keyboard to do my production. Fireface RME USB external sound card with a pair of KRK 6’s & a sub woofer. I use a lot of virtual instruments as well, too many to name or to say any is a favorite though.

Any links you would like to share?


Twitter: /boi1da

Facebook: /Boi-1da

YouTube: /boi1daworld

Drake honors Boi-1da