Grammy-winning, multi-platinum-selling German producer Byrd has worked with many of the biggest artists in Hip Hop and Latin music, boasting credits on Bad Bunny, Roddy Ricch, Nicki Minaj, & Kodak Black releases, among others. We recently took the opportunity to learn more about his background and experience with FL Studio, which he has used right from the start. Read on!

Roddy Ricch – Twin (ft. Lil Durk) – (prod. by Byrd, Teddy Walton, Aaron Bow)

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music.

I started making music at 15 years old. I always wanted to know how all the beats I was hearing on the radio were made — how the sounds were selected, used, and put together in the arrangements. I never listened to music from the consumer perspective — rather from the perspective of a very curious kid who fell in love with music and sounds.

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

I started using FL Studio 5 after my brother introduced me to the DAW, and I was fascinated by all the possibilities. At the time there were barely any tutorials online, but thanks to my curiosity, I was able to explore all the different features FL had to offer. Since then, I’ve never stopped using FL Studio, as my workflow in it is very fluent and quick.

Bad Bunny – Yonaguni (prod. by Byrd, Smash David, Tainy)

Tell us about your work and some of the artists you have worked with.

I have the honor to be working with one of the world’s biggest artists (Bad Bunny) and together we are breaking records, barriers, and boundaries while bringing different cultures to the spotlight. Together we won a Latin Grammy and shortly after, the Recording Academy awarded us with the Grammy for Best Música Urbana Album 2023. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Roddy Ricch, Gunna, Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black, and many other great artists.

Tell us about your production environment and the gear you use.

I recently finished my home studio in my new house, where my setup includes an MSI Raider GE66 laptop that runs FL Studio 21, Yamaha HS8 monitors, a UAD Apollo X8 Interface, Audio Technica M50X headphones, Arturia MicroFreak, Arturia MiniFreak, Moog Matriarch, Sequential Prophet 5, ROLI LUMI Keys, and a wide range of effect pedals.

Byrd in the Studio

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