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Jon Gooch aka Spor and more recently working under the Feed Me moniker, tells us about his journey so far.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m co-founder of Drum & Bass label Lifted Music, a genre which I’ve produced under as Spor for the last 5 years. More recently I’ve been also producing as Feed Me for Mau5trap, my debut EP came out at the end of 2010. I’ve been touring globally, DJing as Spor, and now this year also as Feed Me. As Spor I’ve been nominated for ‘Best DJ’ and ‘Best Producer’ 2 years running, as well as Lifted being nominated for ‘Best Label’, and more recently I was awarded ‘Best Technical DJ’.

I’m currently enjoying a bit more diversity and creative freedom under the Feed Me alias, which is allowing me to explore a lot more visually orientated ideas as well as less genre constraint. I started out in graphic design so it’s nice to reincorporate some old interests. Discovering FL was really the door into production for me, which has given me more opportunity than I could’ve asked for – something for which I’m always grateful.

Feed Me – Sillicone Lube

What were your first impressions of FL Studio and how did you come to use it?

I’m quite visually orientated and remember finding the interface logical and inoffensive. I think the first version I used was around 3.2 or 3.4 – other programs at the time seemed too rooted in an older way of presenting audio, whereas I always found FL was created with the computer user in mind. It was also easy to look at for long periods of time, which was more important on a tiny eye-bleeding CRT monitor back then. I’ve always liked its highly independent pricing scheme, interaction with its users and regular updates – I don’t always agree with all the changes but a shift of environment keeps me on my toes. Despite working on other platforms occasionally I still find FL the fastest and most powerful way to get my ideas down. I’ve always engineered completely internally within FL also.

FL STUDIO Signature Sound | Feed Me Interview Part 1

Tell us about your production environment & toys.

When I began using FL it was a vast Packard Bell in between two cupboards in a box room with some borrowed headphones, but fortunately I’ve managed some upgrades.

Software-wise I work almost exclusively with FL Studio, although I have other workstations installed to keep me up to date with collaboration work. I have certain softsynths I gravitate to although part of why I’ve always enjoyed FL is that it will run seemingly any VST you can present to it, some of my favourites are still the free oddities I found by accident.

My outboard equipment is quite minimal, I run a Microkorg with a talk box, a couple of mics, my Neumann being my preference. I’ve got a nice beautifully weighted VMK midi controller, and of course Adam monitors and sub which I couldn’t do without. I prefer just to have a clear, well set up room with choice elements rather than a cacophony of different inputs and clutter. I’ve always built my own PCs, although I run a Macbook for travelling with bootcamp.

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