Tell us about how you got into music?

My name is Histibe, and I am a music producer, sound designer, visual director, and owner of digital creative agency and music label, Mask Movement. I live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine. I has been doing my own thing since 2005, experimenting with electronic music in the name of art during the age of digital revolution. I love to experiment with music and combine it with my own video production and 3D motion graphics.

In the past years, my tracks and albums has been featured on various media platforms such as JAY Z’s Life+Times, UKF, DJ Mag, Dezeen, Vimeo Staff Picks and BBC — to name but a few. Being an independent artist, I released two solo albums, one compilation album, two mini-albums, and ten official music videos. My videography and 3D motion graphics projects have been featured 30 times in various galleries on Behance, curated by Adobe.

Having a wide range of various creative ideas, you can find my music in various art projects worldwide, such as fashion shows of Ukrainian designers, as soundtrack for French Cognacs Camus or as a soundtracks for the US-based company M-Audio. My goal is to share my experience and ideas with the world through different sources. I want to inspire people with what I do whether it’s sound or visual work. I create to inspire a new creation.

SERENE PEAKS from Mask Movement

Tell us about your sound design experience?

The sound design is still one of my favorite crafts. I love to mix weird and extraordinary field recordings with digital and analog synthesizers. I care about quality and originality as much as possible. I think the experiment is one of the main components of my sound style.

During past five years, I released around fifteen sample packs for various companies, including Loopmasters, Output, Arturia, 5Pin Media, Twisted Tools, Impact Soundworks, Audio Imperia, and Mask Movement Samples. It’s great to give it back and share the experience with others.

Because I’m also always in search of new information. I’m having the great opportunity to share my educational articles about sound design and music production on Ask.Audio Magazine.

ZHYVY, audiovisual film by Histibe from Mask Movement

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

For the first time I met with FL Studio 4… It was 2003 I think. It had a completely different look and feel compared to what you can see now. Some other conservative producers said to me this not professional to work using Fruity Loops, but I had completely different opinion.

I found it useful and interesting. I believed in the future with FL Studio. Now I can clearly say that FL Studio is great porefessional DAW with many great features. I can see developers always care about new features and fresh ideas. Whether it’s a sound design for film or music production I use FL Studio, because it has all I need. I simply feel comfortable while using this software. I can talk alot about it… What I suggest is to go to FL Studio official YouTube channel and just check the latest updates and previous tutorials about it, and I’m sure you will find a lot of useful information there.

Histibe – I. P. (music video) from Mask Movement

 Tell us about your production environment & toys?

I am a fan of simplicity. I believe the main component is an artist, not gear. I work in my small home studio using a few M-Audio and Arturia synths, a few Sennheiser microphones, Zoom field recorder, a few different professional headphones from Beyerdynamic and Yamaha, and KRK speakers. I want to admit: sound monitoring with not a single, but with 2-3 various professional headphones and speakers is a good thing. Also, it’s important and always good to check your work at your friend’s studio or another professional studio, just to check for details. This way, I work at home and always can finish it somewhere else. You never know where.

What’s more, new places and experiences always brings something new to my sound. As for software, I am a fan of plugins from Native Instruments, Waves Audio, Arturia, and iZotope. I also use old sound editor GoldWave just for fun. A little bit of analogue equipment and a lot of digital software is my formula for many years, and FL Studio helps to unite everything under one roof.

Histibe – Third Millennium (music video) from Mask Movement

Histibe & Balkansky – Late Night 2.0 (music video) from Mask Movement

Do you have any links you would like to share?

Yes, please check out my:

Latest music: soundcloud.com/histibe

Music label: maskmovement.bandcamp.com

Music videos and 3D : vimeo.com/maskmovement

Digital creative agency: behance.net/maskmovement

Channel Histibe World: youtube.com/histibe

Sample pack label: maskmsamples.bandcamp.com