How did you get involved in creating music ?


I grew up playing the drums at the age of 4, i was in a metal band from ages 9-14 called Capharnaum,  bu then i started trying to be a producer around 17, when i moved to florida after i graduated high school. My brother gave me a roland xp-80 to work on.  which i thought was the shit, but was never really satisfied with the sounds in the board though. I was always influenced by the sounds that timbaland or the neptunes used so i had to figure out where i could create.


Who (& which albums) did you work with so far ?


My 1st placement was Mary J blige – Take me as i am , from there it was co production on Lupe Fiascos ” day dreaming”. Next was Bow wow & omarions – hoodstar , Raven Symone – Keep a friend, R kelly , Echo & banging the headboard, Backstreet boys – Shattered ,  Chingy – Gimme dat , Ludacris – I know you got a man , B. howard – Addict , Justice Crew – And then we dance , and the latest and greatest is Ciara – Shut em up.


How did you end up using FL Studio ?


I used to run with a small online team of producers on back in the day and everyone seemed to use Fl studio. I kept opening the program but never used it , it just looked so damn complicated! Finally one day one of my producer friends sat down with me and showed me how to use it. At 1st it was just point and click. I thought that was the way to go at 1st, but then i figured out how to midi my keyboard to my pc. I moved into a whole different world after that!


What does FL Studio mean in your current setup ?


Fl studio is everything in my setup. Pro tools and Fl studio and im good to go!


What are the advantages/disadvantages of using hardware & software ?


I see no disadvantages at all for using software. I think its nothing but 1 big advantage. Constant saving, expandable at anytime, the sounds are unlimited , the way you can manipulate your music is endless.


Any FL Studio loop (flp samples) you would care to donate so our users can listen to/learn from your skills?

I cant send anything right now out, soon though!
You can also check out for my blog.