Jerry Folk

Jerry Folk

Norwegian DJ & Producer Jerry Folk is known for creating melodic electronic music with a distinctly indie feel. Primarily releasing music on his own, Jerry has nonetheless worked with some major artists of his generation and has even been tapped for an official remix for superstar Billie Eilish. Our team is thrilled to know that FL Studio has been Jerry’s tool of choice from the beginning, and we’re pleased to welcome him as an official FL Studio Power User.

Mixmag – JERRY FOLK in The Lab LA

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music.

Growing up in Oslo as a kid, both my parents were always playing music at home. I got really into rhythm and started playing drums when I was around 6 or so. My parents were both Capoeira teachers at the time so I was around a lot of rhythmic African and Brazilian music. As well as Capoeira, I did breakdancing as a kid and started listening to a lot of rap music. Throughout school, I played drums in a band with my friends and when I was in my teens I got into electronic music. I got my first copy of FL Studio when I was fifteen.

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

In tenth grade, I had some friends that used FL Studio and I got introduced to it through them. I got the demo and have basically been hooked ever since. FL Studio is the foundation of everything I make. I record everything in the program and have made my entire catalog within it.

Jerry Folk – Everything

Tell us about your work and some of the artists you have worked with.

Since starting the Jerry Folk project, I have released 7 longer projects (EPs and albums). Most of the Jerry Folk stuff is solo but I’ve put out songs with friends and people like Bearson, Hoodboi, Heavy Mellow, Rainsford, and Lemaitre. I moved to America in my late teens and have been fortunate enough to tour with my music around North America, Europe and Asia. I’ve also done a lot of production and songwriting for other artists, including Alina Baraz, Axwell Ingrosso, and Unusual Demont, to mention a few. After moving back to Norway, I have been producing a lot for artists over here — a lot of Hip Hop, Pop and R&B artists.

Tell us about your production environment and the gear you use.

I have a setup at home in my living room and a studio that I share with some friends. My setup is FL Studio plus a Sequential Prophet-6, Nord Lead, a Roland SP-404, and a Fender Rhodes, plus some guitars. I’m definitely more productive when I go to the studio but I often end up making things in my living room in the evenings too. I also like to travel a lot and can easily make music with just my headphones and MacBook with FL Studio.

Jerry’s Studio

What is your top FL Studio tip for up-and-coming producers?

I’d say if you don’t have the best computer, stick as much as you can to the FL Studio stock plugins. They are great and it will save you so much CPU. Also, learning shortcuts for faster workflows allows you to work so fast in FL Studio. Youtube is great for tutorials as always.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

FL Studio > Ableton!

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