Karan Kanchan

Karan Kanchan

Indian producer and artist Karan Kanchan embodies versatility and success across multiple genres. With accomplishments in both EDM and Hip Hop, he has collaborated with renowned Indian artists as well as globally recognized names like Vince Staples, KSHMR, and Pusha T. Karan has even pioneered his own unique style of Japanese-inspired Trap & Bass music, aptly named J-Trap, while also exploring the realms of Pop music.

Not only has Karan worked with esteemed artists, but he has also collaborated with influential brands such as Red Bull, Budweiser, and Puma. In addition, he runs his own bass music lifestyle brand, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. To say that Karan has an intriguing story would be an understatement, and we were privileged to have the opportunity to learn more about his journey directly from the man himself.

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Tell us about yourself and how you got into music.

I am a multi-genre record producer from Mumbai, India. I am also a DJ and the founder of “Neckwreck,” an event company set up to unite and elevate the Dubstep & Bass Music scene in India. I have been making music for 10 years now, but I have been doing it professionally for the last 6 years. I got into music by accident — a very happy one. It was a YouTube recommendation that changed things for me. It was the first “festival-style” EDM track that I ever heard, Tiesto Vs Diplo – “C’mon”. Upon hearing it, I became curious about how these sounds were being made. I kept feeding my curiosity and asking questions, which is how I started making music. Today, I am still as curious as I was on day 1 and am constantly asking questions.

I started off with Big Room and EDM sounds, but in 2016, I spent an entire year discovering my sound as an artist. During that time, I dedicated a lot of time to learning new genres and also mastering my tool – FL Studio. Towards the end of 2016, I became very inspired by Japanese classical music and tried to combine it with Trap and Bass music, creating a fusion I like to call J-Trap. That’s how I rebranded myself in 2017 as a J-Trap artist, which led to some local recognition.

Two years later, I started producing for some of the best rappers to come out of India, who have shaped the Indian Hip Hop scene. Currently, I am exploring more into the Pop side of music and working on putting out my solo project in that space.

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

With no music background and nobody around me knowing anything about music production, it was challenging for me to navigate. I was curious but didn’t know what questions to ask or whom to ask them of.

However, I spent a lot of time on YouTube, checking out videos of my favorite artists. That’s when I came across Avicii’s “In the Studio” video with Future Music and discovered FL Studio.

When I first started using it, I was incredibly confused. I even had trouble finding the Close Button, which was quite amusing. I ended up making the worst beat of my life (but it was a learning experience). I was trying out everything — pressing buttons randomly and attempting to figure out how it all worked. At that time, there weren’t many tutorials available, and I wasn’t even aware of terms like “automation,” “sequencing,” or “mixing.” However, through trial and error, I gradually started learning more and more.

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FL Studio is a powerful platform that brings all the ideas in my head to life. With its constant updates and features, there’s so much you can do. There are endless possibilities, and I’m still learning new things about FL Studio’s features every day. Although I’ve tried other software as part of my sound engineering course, where I have A+ certifications from AVID and Apple, I always come back to FL Studio for my music because I believe it is the most user-friendly software out there.

Tell us about your work and some of the artists you have worked with.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some incredible artists. I have collaborated with both established names and emerging talents in the Indian music industry. Each project has been a unique experience, enabling me to explore different musical styles and push creative boundaries. Some notable artists I have worked with include Divine, Shubh, Pusha T, Vince Staples, Russ, Armani White, Ritviz, Nucleya, Raftaar, MC Altaf, D’Evil, Seedhe Maut, and many more.

Tell us about your production environment and the gear you use.

I have been more of an “in the box” person up until now, meaning I rely mostly on software rather than hardware for my music production. I don’t have an extensive hardware setup. About five years ago, when I was living in a dorm with my college mates, I used the kitchen as my studio. So, as long as I had my laptop and headphones, I could make music anywhere. However, three years ago, I set up my own home studio called the DOJO, which is also my bedroom. It’s a space where I can be myself and dedicate the majority of my time to experimenting. It’s like my own personal lab.

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What is your top FL Studio tip for up-and-coming producers?

Take some time out and learn all the shortcuts. This will greatly improve your workflow when working with artists in the studio. Dedicate some time to learning your tools so that you can make the most out of them.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

I am incredibly honored to be a part of the Power User program. FL Studio is the reason I have been able to pursue my passion, and I am thrilled for this journey.

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