We first heard of Naden when he posted a comment on our Facebook page and when we followed the links to his latest track we were impressed with his smooth, polished & almost hypnotic sound. Impressed even more when we heard ALL his tracks were of an equally high standard. So it’s with pleasure we’d like you to introduce you to Naden from Norway. Headphones on…

How did you get into music?

Ever since I was a child I have always been doing creative work, I was always sitting home and drawing stuff. Already in pre school I draw in 3d, with like shadows and everything. My drawing from there on progressed into photoshop and digital art. At that time I grew very interested in electronic music. I played as a drummer in a band with some friends, but other than that I havent been the most successful with classical instruments.

When I turned 15 I tried out FL Studio after seeing a random video of it on YouTube. At first the buttons scared me but from that day and onwards I promised myself to make at least 1 track each month, and I just kept going at it adding a new track to my YouTube channel every now and then. Its fun to listen to my first tracks on YouTube, you can hear how my style changed and i got better and better. Its something i really recommend new producers to do.


How did you get signed to Armada music?

After 130 tracks on my YouTube I randomly posted one of my tracks on DJ Eco’s Facebook channel. His response was overwhelming and he referred me to his A&R manager in Armada. And they liked what they heard, from then on i started producing tracks for them on their sub label “Soundpiercing” I have released 2 releases on Armada with 4 tracks in each release. I feel I reach more peoples tastes when i make more tracks in one release.

Why do you use FL Studio?

Ever since I tried FL Studio, the program and I just clicked. It’s hard to describe but the program is build so that it enables me to get down my ideas so fast that nothing is lost. Its like your in a big sandbox and if you can imagine it, you can make it. The option to use Virtual Instruments in it is just fantastic. During these 6 years I’ve been using it, I have yet to feel my self limited by the program. I am learning new things every day.

Some people say that FL Studio is mainly for beginners. That is wrong. It’s not about the program that makes the music its the artist behind the program. FL studio is just as capable of being a good sound production tool as any other DAW’s. Its a great program for beginners because you choose yourself how advanced you want to go about your productions. You can keep it simple and just play around in the patterns and then when you get better look into the more advanced stuff. That’s why i use FL Studio because of the different layers of settings you can play with.

Tell us about your production environment & toys?

My studio setup consists of:

  • 2x KRK Rokit rp6 g2 monitors for checking the bass and for referencing
  • Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones which I make 99% of my stuff on
  • SM m-patch 2 headphone amp
  • Focusrite saffire pro external Soundcard
  • Akai LPK25 midi keyboard
  • Custom Built PC running Windows 7
  • FL Studio
  • My Ears

Other than that I will add that I’m using 100% soft synths like Sylenth1 from lennard digital and Harmor from Image-Line.

Any tips for new producers?

Don’t spend much time trying to get onto labels, just produce. Set goals as to make 1 track each week even if it sucks. Don’t download hundreds of synths and samples, less is really more because you have to be creative with it. Don’t bother too much with mastering. Try learning EQing and Compression properly first. And last but not least don’t take shit from others and just produce what you like to listen to for yourself.

Any links you would like to share?