Nely (El Arma Secreta)

Nely ‘El Arma Secreta’ or N.E.A.S is one of the most prolific Latin Urban producers. Nely has been an intricate part of the Reggaeton explosion; contributing beats to Reggae ton’s highest selling albums including Don Omar’s ‘King of Kings’ Wisin Y Yandel’s ‘Pa’L Mundo’ and ‘Mas Flow 2.’


Image of Nely (Arma Secreta)Nely was also the man behind chart topping hits for Daddy Yankee & Snoop Dog (Gangster Zone), Don Omar, Wisin & Yandel (Rakata), Hector “El Father” (Noche De Travesura), Zion Y Lennox, R. Kelly (Burn It Up), Frankie J. (Obsession) and Yaviah (Contacto) and was for many years was the ghost producer for Lunytunes.


With more than 7 million albums sold Worldwide, over 5 million ringtones, more than 30 million hits in you tube and over 100 songs on billboard charts and international charts we are sure you will see more of him in the future.


We recently caught up with Nely and asked him some questions:


How did you get involved in creating music ?


I began in music at a young age playing various instruments in church.

How did you end up using FL Studio ?


I was always interested in learning how a track was created, when I was very young we created a group called “Creation” and it was then that I learned all about FL Studio (beginning witth 4.0).


For me FL studio is the easiest way to project your ideas and anybody can lay out any musical ideas.


Tell us about any recent projects?


I’m currently working on over 15 albums and everything is worked on FL Studio.


What does FL Studio mean in your setup ?


FL Studio is the primary tool for myself when producing and all of the music I create is done with it.


What are the advantages/ disadvantages of using hardware & software ?


There are very few disadvantages and any there are I would love to work on a special FL Studio set up for urban producers but I appreciate the fact that I can work out of anywhere with Fl Studio as long as I have my library, earphones and plugins.