Dominican producer Nicael has seemingly done it all when it comes to Latin music. From contributing to J. Balvin and Bad Bunny’s Grammy-nominated album, “Oasis”, to working with other industry titans such as Don Omar, G-Eazy, and Myke Towers, Nicael has made his presence known in the genre. With Nicael being a proud FL Studio user, we’re excited to have him join the ranks of our Power Users — read on to hear more about his story.

Amenazzy ft. Lary Over – Solo (prod. by Nicael)

Tell us about yourself and how you got into music.

My music journey began as a young kid when I fell in love with songs on the radio and music videos on TV. I became very curious and passionate about how they were made and started paying close attention to all the instruments and sounds that compose a song. Since then, I’ve always been the type of person who listens to a wide range of genres and artists. I feel music on a spiritual level. The way it speaks to my soul inspires and fills me with joy.

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions?

I was first introduced to FL Studio by one of my cousins when I was about 15 years old, and I was fascinated by it instantly. I recall vividly how I would spend hours just painting drum patterns in the channel rack and completely losing track of time as I explored the vast possibilities FL Studio has to offer. It was in those moments that my musical journey truly began to take shape. It’s amazing that I still explore the software and every now and then discover some new ways of doing things differently and more efficiently.

Tell us about your work and some of the artists you have worked with.

I’ve had the privilege of producing for several well-known artists, including Bad Bunny, J. Balvin, Don Omar, Farruko, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, Eladio Carrión, Myke Towers, G-Eazy, Amenazzy, Lyanno, Rochy RD, Nicki Nicole, and more.

J Balvin x Bad Bunny – La Canción (prod. by Nicael)

Tell us about your production environment and the gear you use.

My setup is pretty straightforward. I mainly rely on my laptop for everything. However, I also have a couple of hardware synths, guitars, and pedals that I occasionally bring into the mix, depending on the track I’m working on.

Nicael in the Studio

What is your top FL Studio tip for up-and-coming producers?

Learn how to sound design as much as you can and make your own effects chains, drum kits, and melodic sounds. Doing this will give your music a unique touch, making you stand out whether you’re making popular genres or not. It’s a great way to set yourself apart and get noticed in the industry.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

I want to thank you guys at Image-Line for consistently pushing the boundaries with your software and continually innovating. FL Studio has had a profound impact on countless lives in my country the Dominican Republic, mine included, and I’m confident it will continue to do so. I urge everyone reading this to explore your DAW extensively — tutorials are great, but you’ll be surprised how much you can learn from experimenting on your own. Listen to lots of different kinds of music to broaden your musical taste, and most importantly, stay true to yourself.

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