I’m Martin Tungevaag (aka Tungevaag) from Norway. My friends and I downloaded a free music program in 2008 and were supposed to just edit a track we liked. I discovered FL Studio later and I got addicted. After this, I remember my goal was to make my own song. I worked hard and determined to never give up.

Back in 2014, one of my tracks got #1 in Norway without any management or record label, the week after I got signed to the German EDM label Kontor Records.

Two billion streams, Grammy nominated in Norway and Sweden, over 100x Gold and Platinum awards in 17 different countries including Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Spain and Germany.

How did you start using FL Studio & what does it mean to your productions ?

I tried a couple different DAWs but quickly landed at FL Studio. Today it’s everything I use. I have no musical background and don’t play any instruments. FL Studio makes it possible for people of all ages to make music. It’s so easy to work with and I love all the functions.


Tell us about your work and some of the artist you worked with

I have worked with many different artists including Alan Walker. People know me from my tracks Peru, Play, Samsara and All For Love. I am not only doing music production; I like to be part of the music video and visual part too. It keeps me motivated and creative to work on different things around my career. The music videos for Samsara and Knockout shows a big part of my music video side, where I was co-director.

I remember when we traveled to Thailand and had almost no plans on where and how we should shoot the music video for Samsara. The only idea that was 100% sure, was that there should be a dancing gorilla at the beach with inflatable bananas.

Tell us about your production Environment and the gear you use

I have my own home studio, it’s just a small room with some acoustic panels on the walls. The gear I use includes an Apollo x8, Samson D-1500, EVE SC208 speakers, DT770 pro, V-moda M200, Pioneer CDJ2000/DJM900, Roland FP-90, MacBook Pro.


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