Veela first came to our attention when we put out a call for female FL Studio producers to contact us (calling all girls). Since then Veela has featured in the FL Studio 10 demo song (Fall Silently) by Toby Emerson and the 3rd Image-Line remix contest. She has definitely been working hard at her craft. We caught up with Veela and asked her what she has been doing and what the future has in store?



Tell us about your music, yourself and Kosa?



I am a music producer and vocalist. I compose vocals for other producers’ songs and I create originals. Above all, I tell stories. I paint pictures. When I compose music I have an image in my head and I create a soundtrack for it. The most rewarding thing is to have people tell me they saw something in their minds when hearing my sounds. Kosa is the new set of originals I’m working on, the new set of stories I’m writing. The precursor was Prelude EP, and now I’m creating new magic.

Morgan Page – Fight For You (Veela’s raw cover vox)


FL’s excellent piano roll, ghost notes, bit bridge, event editing and mixer routing allowed me to rapidly create both mockups and finished productions for the game. In some cases I was writing a revision a day, and I just can’t imagine doing that in any other program.

Don’t mess with Veela!

How did you come to use FL Studio & what were your first impressions?

FL Studio was something I stumbled across one day as a demo. Everyone who tried it got too frustrated to learn it and I did not. I kept on learning it as an instrument, as a tool. It was daunting at first and I quickly came to realize how complex and beautiful the program really was. How much freedom I had in what I could make it do.


Helion ft Veela – Click through for download lnks

Veela Remix Contest

download samples here

Tell us about your production environment & toys?

I produce in my room, in a corner. I have my microphone (Neumann TLM 103), my Presonus Audiobox, my Mackie MR5s, my AKAI APC40 MPK61 and last but not least my TC Helicon VoiceLive 2.


Do you have any links you would like to share?


My Prelude EP: Can be purchased for 10$ at (PayPal & CC accepted).

DayOne ft Veela – Shade (Skyrim Thieves Guild)

and social media







Purchase the Veela ‘Sirens’ Sample Library

Toby Emerson & Veela teamed up to release a sample pack ‘Sirens’ if you would like to have a little Veela in your tracks click on the link above. Check out a preview below.

Black Octopus Sound – Sirens