Fruity Tracks

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Music software


FruityTracks v2 should be the only tool you need to mix your music  (Fruityloops, wav, mp3) into a song together with voices and other samples.

FruityTracks contains an unlimited number of horizontal Tracks where you drag your Fruityloops, string and voicesamples.

You can make your samples fade in or out using envelopes or repeat them by expanding them with your mouse.




FruityTracks can support both WAV and MP3 files. In addition it supports the Fruity Plugins to apply special effects.


FruityTracks can also handle any BPM song. It is yours to freely configure the speed of your song.


This version 2 has also a brand new interface which is more consistent with the Fruityloops look.


We advise you to check out the demo, which is free to download here and which has all features but saving. You can even test the rendering to wav & mp3 and produce gigabytes of loops and songs for free.


FruityTracks v2 can handle any BPM. So start by configuring the speed of your song before you drop samples (wav, mp3) on the main grid which is divided in different tracks.

If most of these tracks are filled,  the program automatically creates a new track so you always have two free tracks in the grid.


Know that there is no limit to the number or length of tracks


Each track is divided into bars (indicated by thick vertical lines in the grid) and each bar contains 16 dots.


The positioning of samples is facilitated by these divisions and by the snap to grid function. To make counting even easier, after every four bars the grid changes in colour intensity.


After positioning the sample you can stretch (loop) or drag it.

Position the cursor on the edge of a sample in order to stretch or reduce the sample as required (if the snap value is set to 0 there is no size restriction; otherwise it will snap to the value set).


You can apply panning, volume, resonance and cut-off on every sample. It is also possible to adjust the position or length (of samples) more precisely.


Now you can draw an envelope over your sample to adjust volume.


Perhaps you want to spice up your composition with some nice effects usign the Fruity Plugin's.


Apply and adjust effects before you render your work to WAV or MP3 file format.



16Bit 44KHz stereo output (CD quality)

32Bit floating point internal mixing

unlimited number of channels (not just 8)

support for Fruity FX Plugins (Reeverb, EQ, etc...)

up to 4 FX per track

easy drag&drop of WAV & MP3 files

volume envelopes

export to wav or mp3

integrated samplebrowser

individual panning, volume, pitch, mix, ...

nice layout (with moveable toolbars)

record your own samples

build-in lightshow and support for AVI video files

skin support


system requirements:

min. Pentium 133 MHz processor

Windows 95-98-ME-2000


DirectX installed

32 mb Ram



As FruityTracks can contain an unlimited number of tracks, the power of your PC System will determine its performance. The more power you have, the more tracks, plugins & effects you can use.


FruityTracks v2 can use a total of 4 plugins per track and 4 overall song plugins can be configured.


Plugins are effects which are used on tracks or on the song.


Take care: the more plugins you use the more powerfull your processor needs to be.


Following Plugins are included:


Fruity bass boost

Fruity center

Fruity Delay

Fruity Fast LP

Fruity Filter

Fruity Free Filter

Fruity mute

Fruity phase inverter

Fruity reeverb

Fruity Balance

Fruity 7 band EQ