All about FL Studio cracks.


Clearly you enjoy using FL Studio. It's something you have gone to some trouble and risk to get. You put effort into that. You put effort into your music. However, think about this for a moment: 
The only reason FL Studio exists is because people, before you, paid for it. Those that steal FL Studio disrespect our company, our employees who work hard to develop it AND, perhaps something you have not thought about; everyone who has ever purchased it.
It's how we really feel. It's particularly sad as we are one of the fairest and most generous companies in the software industry today. Paying FL Studio owners get:


Lifetime Free Updates


FL Studio is among the least expensive DAW applications already AND it comes with Lifetime Free Updates. It means that whenever we release a new version of FL Studio you can download, install and use it FREE OF CHARGE immediately and for as long as FL Studio is developed. Don't you think that’s fair? We are not the 'greedy company' people who steal FL Studio try to claim. 
Immediate support


Owners of licensed FL Studio are authorized to use our online support every time they need help or have questions. This assistance is provided directly from our developers & staff. Answers are delivered accurately and promptly, we want your FL Studio experience to be the best. As a registered user, and customer you, are also able to discuss tips & techniques, problems, exchange presets & songs, to share your ideas and recommendations and be part of the ever-growing FL Studio community.
Participate in FL Studio's development
We release development versions in LoopTalk and actively encourage customers to let us know what features they would like to see. In case you didn't realize, we really do ignore feature requests from any place other than from paying customers, posting in our forums. Here's an example thread from the development of FL Studio 20.


Keep your computer and digital life protected 


Piracy and security threats come hand in hand, usually because they are done by the same people. Those who upload and spread pirated copies of programs are often monetizing it in some way. This attracts serious cyber criminals, with nothing to lose. They don't care about stealing our software and certainly don't care about you, your family or digital privacy. When using a cracked copy of FL Studio you take the risk of being infected with a virus, trojans, malware, spyware and other unpleasant surprises hidden in the keygen or the software itself. Problems caused by malicious code can cost you much more than it's worth to steal FL Studio. 
The awesome demo
We provide a time-unlimited, feature unlocked demo right here. So you can try FL Studio before you buy, for as long as you like. You can even export to audio and save projects. The ONLY restriction? You can't load saved projects until you purchase FL Studio and any additional plugins used, as shown here. There really is no need to use a crack under the pretext, you are just 'testing it'.
One last thing...
You were prepared to pay for your computer, operating system, speakers and internet access, because stealing stuff is wrong, you get it. But why do you steal software?  Every time you install an illegal copy of FL Studio, you break the law by Infringing our Copyright. Even helping others to obtain illegal copies of FL Studio is an offense known as Circumvention of Copyright. While you may be ‘under the radar' now, but what happens when you publish a hit song, or someone uses your music professionally? Isn't it better to invest some money instead of taking the risk to be involved in civil and criminal sanctions? 
Report piracy
When you see pages like these:


Don't hesitate to report them here.


We have a full-time legal-team ready to kick pirates where it hurts.