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Drumaxx Mobile

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A special selection of Drumaxx samples for FL Studio Mobile

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The best sounds of Drumaxx, specially rendered for use inside FL Studio Mobile.
Drum samples mapped across the keyboard.









Drumaxx Mobile

1. Drumaxx Acoustic A
2. Drumaxx Acoustic B
3. Drumaxx Acoustic
4. Drumaxx Breaks
5. Drumaxx Dance A
6. Drumaxx Dance B
7. Drumaxx DnB A
8. Drumaxx DnB B
9. Drumaxx Electro A
10. Drumaxx Electro B
11. Drumaxx Electronic
12. Drumaxx Glitch
13. Drumaxx Hip Hop A
14. Drumaxx Hip Hop B
15. Drumaxx Industrial
16. Drumaxx Lo Fi
17. Drumaxx Percussion A
18. Drumaxx Percussion B
19. Drumaxx Percussion
20. Drumaxx Special