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Twisted Dub

Beats // Bass // Music // FX

Collection of Deep Bass Wobbles, Melodic Synths, Live and Programmed Drums for New wave producers looking to fuse Reggae, Dub, Dubstep with a Jamaican flavour!

49.00 USD

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A hearty dose of Dubbed out goodness.

This brand new, good for you collection of samples from one of our most applauded producers of late features a hearty dose of Dubbed out goodness, live played instruments, Heavy processing and Musical inspiration – with a twist of additional processing which will appeal to the Dubstep producers out there, alongside the more Cinematic and Atmospheric production elite.

Deep and Heavy Bass loops, Bubbling Organs, Clavinets and Wurlitzers sit alongside broken down Percussive loops, Bleeps, Dubbed Out Atmospheres and Echoes in a new collection of inspirational sounds and samples.

Twisted Dub weighs in at a mighty 1.5GB and includes 820 24Bit samples, which comprise 344 Loops between 90 – 142 Bpm, and an additional 470 One Shot Samples.



Featuring (WAV):

95 Subby, Dubby and Wobbly Bass Loops

85 Drum Patterns

85 Separated Drum Loops

40 Keys Loops

40 Percussive Loops

28 Dub Atmospheres

43 Chord Hits

150 Single Shot Drum samples

220 Single FX Samples 
(Bleeps, Echoes, Glitches, Noises, Drops, Space Guitar, Vox).