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Remix Contest #4 - Jayce Lewis

This contest is closed - Check the contest results & top 10 finalists below


FL Studio Remix contest

Welcome to the Solitaire remix contest. In association with FL Studio Power User Jayce Lewis and our friends at RØDE microphones we are excited to bring you our most recent remix competition.


FL Studio Remix contest - Prices

Remix the song 'Solitaire' by Jayce Lewis and win :
This contest is closed. Contest results below

1st prize:

Your remix Licensed under Devfire Entertainment to EMI/Universal on Jayce Lewis upcoming album

+ RODE NT2-A Microphone pack
+ $500 IL VCash.
2nd prize:

$300 IL VCash
3rd prize:

$200 IL VCash

All IL Virtual Cash will be added to your personal 'my account' page.
It can be used as credit to purchase items our shop .

By entering this contest, you accept the following contest conditions of entry (below).

FL Studio Remix Contest - Results & Top 10 Finalists

Thanks to everyone who entered. We have a 1st place tie and so RØDE have very kindly thrown another RØDE NT2-A into the prize pool, thanks RØDE! The results are available in the polling on-line (the vote has now closed) thread of our forum.

"I am grateful to Image-Line for running this competition, but most importantly a huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE that entered, I was totally blown away by the immense talent of the entries and it made it a very, very hard job for us to choose anyone over another, believe me I had 2/3 weeks of hair ripping decisions. I consider the entries a top 100 in my book, I hope this has inspired you as much as it has me, its great to be apart of such an active community of FL Studio users, Thanks again for everyone's time and effort and congratulations to the winners"

The final results are:

1st Prize - Aim For Soul Remix by Aim For Soul  (98)

Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Aim For Soul Remix

Remix by Aim For Soul


1st Prize - Soniksun Remix by Soniksun (108)


Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Soniksun Remix

Remix by Soniksun



2nd Prize - A Deaf Bat Breakbeat Remix by Lummy (28)


Jayce Lewis - Solitaire A Deaf Bat Breakbeat Remix

Remix by Lummy



3rd Prize - Ova9000 Grand Canyon Remix by Ibizzy (25)


Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Ova9000 Grand Canyon Remix

Remix by lbizzy (OVA9000)



Here are the other Top 10 finalists for the Jayce Lewis Solitaire Remix Contest.

THE REST OF THE TOP 10 (well 11 actually but who's counting)


Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Olibrius Remix (105)

Remix by Olibrius




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Nutritious Mix (41)

Remix by Nutritious




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Wishoff Remix (50)

Remix by Wishoff




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire LDUK Remix (07)

Remix by LDUK




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Gudi Remix (31)

Remix by AquaDonkey




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire Drumcore Remix (109)

Remix by Mad Electronic Tunes




Jayce Lewis - Solitaire atropa rmx M (06)

Remix by Atropa




Artist Information

About Jayce Lewis and Solitaire:

Jayce's music came to our notice when KitMonsters interviewing Jayce Lewis, contacted us for a screen-shot of FL Studio, as Jayce was using it. Interest tweaked, we checked out some YouTube videos and were blow away with his energy and vibe. We can think of no better description for Jayce than 'Power' user, so crank it, sit back and listen...

Links about Jayce Lewis:
- How Jayce Lewis discovered FL Studio and



Conditions of entry

Prizes: All winners will be chosen by Jayce Lewis & Image-Line. Winners will be asked to submit the FL Studio remix .zip project to Jayce for verification that the remix was made with FL Studio and or mixer track stems for mastering. Where physical prizes are sent the recipient will be responsible for any local import duties and or taxes.

1st - Your remix Licensed under Devfire Entertainment to EMI/Universal on Jayce Lewis upcoming album + RODE NT2-A Microphone pack + $500 IL VCash.
2nd - $300 IL VCash
3rd - $200 IL VCash

All entries - Must be submitted to this thread as 192 kbps MP3 files. You must have an Image-Line account and posting permissions on the Image-Line forums to do this.
Number of entries - Competitors are restricted to a maximum of TWO entries. You may edit your post and replace entries until the competition closes.
Production requirements - You must use FL Studio in the production of the remix. You may use any Image-Line or 3rd party plugins/samples. NOTE: where 3rd party samples are used they must be copyright cleared for music production.
Competition closes - 28 February 2013. Judging will take place over the following two weeks and winners chosen by Jayce Lewis & Image-Line.
Legal - By entering the competition you grant Image-Line Software permission to use your entry in our marketing. This may include videos, pod-casts, TV, flash, broadcast e.t.c., but is not limited to those formats or channels.