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Remix Contest #5 - Red Light District

This contest is closed - Check the contest results below


FL Studio Remix contest

Welcome to Red Light District's 'Come on Up' remix contest page. This contest is closed - Check the contest results below.
You can read more about about this competition in this thread on our forum.


FL Studio Remix contest - Prizes

Remix the song 'Come on Up' by Red Light District and win :

1st prize:

To qualify for the 1st prizes you MUST be:

2nd prize:

+ Etymotic ER-4 in ear monitors


3rd prize:

+ Etymotic Ety Hi-Fi earplugs
+ $250 IL VCash*

* All IL Virtual Cash will be added to your personal 'my account' page.
It can be used as credit to purchase items our shop .

By entering this contest, you accept the following contest conditions of entry (below).

FL Studio Remix Contest - Results

Thanks to everyone who entered.

The final results are:

1. Dmitry Khramtsov

2. singplumb - Jack Ketch (Acid Planet) 

3. Jaamtrak

From the band
Thank you to everyone who submitted their talented remixes! We heard everything from house to metal, jazz to dubstep, trance, industrial, ebm, edm, goth, 8-bit disco and more!
We understand the excitement of anticipation. We, Red Light District, wanted to select the top 3 as a group. Being a band of nearly 10 people who live all over the place with drastically different schedules, it takes time. We narrowed the 200 submissions down to a top ten... then to the top 3. There was a tie for 2nd place, so we had to do yet another voting round.
This was a timely process however, we gave our ears time to get to know each song. We have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of creative versions of remixes presented. There are a number of other mixes which we hope to include on the official release. Another post will follow reflecting this with all honorable mentions.
Thank you again!
Shok (Red Light District)

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Artist Information

About Red Light District:
Red Light District is a Los Angeles based band with one foot in the future and one in a dark, smokey jazz-age cabaret. Songs are written, performed and recorded by Juliette Angeli & Shok and performed live as an eight-piece big band.

FILE UNDER: Neo-Vaudeville, Electro Swing, Future Cabaret
"1920s, 30s, neo-vaudeville, sinister cabaret, set in the future with dusty circus-hop, trip hop presented by the use of voice, accordion, vibraphone, guitar, bass, synthesizers, odd sounds, found percussion, trumpet, cello."

Core Band members
Juliette Angeli, an accomplished actor and musician, sings, writes lyrics, brews the magic and theraminizes 

Shok, a producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, sings, plays all of the drums, bass, guitars, piano, cello, trumpet, found objects, programming and mental telepathizations. 

His collaborations and production credits include Nick Cave (Grinderman), Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde), David J. & Daniel Ash (Bauhaus/ Love And Rockets), Gotye, Fischerspooner, HURTS, The BellRays, Adam Freeland, Combichrist, Donita Sparks (L7) and KMFDM.

Links about Red Light District:

Shok is also leading the Electro Swing movement in North America with Electro Swing Club.



Rules & Conditions

To qualify for the 1st prizes you MUST be:

Prizes: All winners will be chosen by Red Light District & nominated sponsors. Winners will be asked to submit the FL Studio remix .zip project for verification that the remix was made with FL Studio and or mixer track stems for mastering.

3rd - Etymotic Ety Hi-Fi earplugs + $250 IL VCash
Local Taxes - Where physical prizes are sent the recipient will be responsible for any local import duties and or taxes.
All entries - Must be submitted to this thread as at least 192 kbps MP3 files. You must have an Image-Line account and posting permissions on the Image-Line forums to do this.
Number of entries - Competitors are restricted to a maximum of TWO entries. You may edit your post and replace entries until the competition closes.
Production requirements - You must use FL Studio in the production of the remix. You may use any Image-Line or 3rd party plugins/samples. NOTE: where 3rd party samples are used they must be copyright cleared for music production.
Competition closes - September 30, 2013. Judging will take place over the following two weeks and winners chosen by the band & Image-Line.
Legal - By entering the competition you grant Image-Line Software permission to use your entry in our marketing. This may include videos, pod-casts, TV, flash, broadcast e.t.c., but is not limited to those formats or channels.