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Image-Line Software Updates its DJ Mixing Software Deckadance to Version 1.5.3


Image Line Software released the newest version of its DJ mixing software Deckadance with many improved functionalities for the best DJ performance :


Version 1.5.3 is now available for MAC and PC, delivering a new, more flexible sound engine, easier setup and enhanced beat visualization / analysis options.

Image Line Software, the developer of FL Studio (formerly FruityLoops), released the newest version of its DJ mixing software Deckadance with many improved functionalities for the best DJ performance.

Deckadance 1.5 is available for MAC and PC and gains a new audio engine with an amazing high quality of the sound. Version 1.5 now supports batch beat-analysis of the songs (reducing load times/CPU load during a performance) and time-stretching/compression technology. DJs can enjoy new playlist design with variable font sizes, view modes and the ability to import iTunes playlists.

To aid setup, the input and outputs of the program now appear as stereo channels making installation and routing of audio inputs/outputs more intuitive. Finally, users can choose between "Auto" or "Manual" beatgrid analysis modes, on a song-by-song basis, according to their preferences and the complexity of the source audio.

The newest release of Deckadance 1.5.3 also provides:

Price and availability:

Version 1.5.3 of Deckadance could be purchased on-line with a special 20% discount applied till 20th of June, 2009. After this promotional period the product will be offered on a regular price of 179 USD (Club Edition) and 99 USD (House Edition).

A fuly functional demo version of Deckadance 1.5.3 is also available for free download.


Other improvements since the previous (1.3) release :

Deckadance 1.5.3

  • [new] - Added 14 "inverted" midi functions in the "learn" midi control system
  • [fix] - Fix a problem of distorsion in the output channels when DD is hosted by FL & Live
  • [fix] - Fix a read/save problem with beatmark files on windows computers
  • [fix] - Fix native support for Openlabs dBeat

 Deckadance 1.5.2

  • [fix] - Fix a synchronization problem when master tempo engine is active
  • [imp] - Improved audio engine
  • [imp] - Improved DVS system to get rid of "sticker drift" problems
  • [fix] - Fix visual problem in the pitch sliders in DVS mode and soundcard at 48KHz
  • [imp] - Improved double/half buttons behavior in the BPM setup panel
  • [imp] - Updated minihost

Deckadance 1.5.1 :

  • [new] - Batch analysis of songs
  • [new] - Added native support for Vestax VCI-300
  • [new] - New beatgrid move via mouse over the waveform (SHIFT+CLICK+MOVE)
  • [imp] - Improved DVS engine when elastique time-stretching is disabled
  • [imp] - Improved loop/leap exit function (more smoother now)
  • [imp] - Improved cue jump when loop/leap is active
               (it will be disabled automatically)
  • [fix] - Fix a bug when unplug midi devices at runtime on windows computers
  • [fix] - Fix several bugs and maintenance
  • [new] - Added native support for Openlabs DBeat
  • [fix] - Fix a problem with the win minihost at startup
  • [fix] - Fix a problem rendering special characters in tags
Deckadance 1.45.0 :
  • [new] - Added BPM read from ID3 tags
  • [new] - Added support to load/import iTunes playlists
  • [imp] - Improved audio engine (more faster now)
  • [imp] - Improved automix engine (fixed some problems)
  • [imp] - Improved Windows graphic render (waveforms & fonts)
  • [imp] - Improved Windows open folder dialog
  • [fix] - Fix a problem in the browser search function
             (related to case sensitive words) 
  • [fix] - Fix a problem with the "start in beat sync" feature
  • [new] - New OpenGl render engine for Windows
  • [new] - New Font size function (small, medium, large)
  • [new] - New Playlist size function (small, medium, large)
  • [new] - Added function to select "Auto" or "Manual" beatgrid mode
  • [new] - New support for ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags
  • [new] - New unicode support for playlist/browser items
  • [imp] - Improved playlist/browser drawing
  • [new] - Added support for Dj-Tech Kontrol One
  • [new] - Added support for Stanton SCS-3D
  • [new] - Added support for Hercules Dj Control Steel
1.4.6 update:
  • [fix] - Fix a problem when dropping songs into decks
  • [fix] - Fix a problem when scracthing with some controllers


1.40.2 update:
  • [imp] - Sampler engine improved with time-stretching (zplane elastique)
  • [imp] - Sampler engine low/high pass filter redesign
  • [new] - New setup panel design
  • [new] - New in-built support for midi streaming, it improves
               the midi latency and jitter
  • [imp] - Improved the native support of midi controllers when Deckadance plugin is
               hosted by FL Studio or Ableton Live
  • [chg] - Deckadance plugin input/outputs now exposed like stereo channels
  • [fix] - Fix a sound problem when Deckadance plugin is hosted in some audio applications
  • [new] - New sound engine with improved time-stretching/compression technology
  • [new] - New BPM setup panel and beatgrid system (Manual tempo, Tap tempo,
               Half/Double tempo, BeatGrid move, Rescan). Press 'Track' to activate it.
  • [new] - New spectral waveform color feature
  • [new] - New pitch range selection (6%, 8%, 10%, 16%, 20%, 50%)
  • [new] - New Equalization filters design with improved kill behavior
  • [new] - Added scratch and spinback native support to the following controllers :

    - Hercules (
    MKII, MP3 Console, RMX)
    - Numark
    Total Control
    - Behringer
  • [chg] - Change momentary loop on VCI-100 native support to loop switch
  • [imp] - Added gain control to Synq PCM-1 native suport (shift+jog)
  • [fix] - Fix a crash bug at closing DD when the gui of some hosted vst plugins is opened
  • [new] - Autogain engine (perceived loudness algorithm).




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