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FL Studio ALL Plugins Edition 20% OFF
Includes ALL features and native plugins available at the time of purchase.

The offer includes:

FL Studio All Plugins Edition including Lifetime Free Updates

+ Bonus UVI Digital Synsations (Instrument Plugin)

+ Bonus XTT by Vinai (Multi FX plugin)

+ Bonus Pumper 3 by WA Production (Multi FX plugin)

+ Bonus MVibratoMB by MeldaProduction (Multi FX plugin)

+ Bonus FireCharger by United Plugins (Multi FX plugin)

+ Bonus 5 Quality Sample Packs

UVI Digital Synsations (value $149.00)

Discover UVI Digital Synsations, a 4-instrument suite traversing the revolutionary sounds of '90s digital synths! Over 18,000 professionally recorded samples used across 500 handmade presets deliver the authentic sounds and vintage digital character of 4 iconic machines. Explore, tweak and edit the classic synth sounds used by many of the greats including Depeche Mode, The Cure and Jean Michel Jarre with all the conveniences of a modern software instruments in FL Studio. Whether you're looking for a new take on the 90s sound or just some new classic synth inspiration, then look no further!



XTT BY VINAI (value $39.90)

Italian brothers, Alessandro & Andrea Vinai, are known for their hands-in-the-air Big Room EDM sound. Over a year in development, this innovative collaboration brings a piece of VINAI into your own studio, with this versatile compression plugin.

FireCharger by United Plugins (value $128.00)

Charge your sound to max. FireCharger can get your mix or instrument recording to the next level touching just a few knobs. FireCharger is a universal processor with an intelligent algorithm for spectral charging and instant sound improvement, including emulation of an analogue tape and advanced exciters.

PUMPER 3 by WA Production (value $39.00)

Harder. Better. Stronger. We give you even more control over the punch and power of your sounds. The end result is a multi-effect powerhouse that achieves the level of immediacy, body and depth that our fans expect and their tracks deserve.

MVibratoMB by MeldaProduction (value $39.00)

An extremely versatile vibrato effect with unique features. Vibrato effects are rarely used, but this one is different. MVibratoMB is also a powerful rotary simulator, which is perfect for everything from organs to guitars. And the audio quality is just the best on the market.

5 Sample Packs (all Royalty-Free cleared for music production) (value $137.55)

- Heatwave (746 MB unzipped / 269 files / One-Shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)

- Red Light (461 MB unzipped / 192 files / One-Shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)

- Nu Soul  (1.21GB unzipped / 327 files / One-shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)

- Dreaming About You (760 MB unzipped / 309 files / One-shots, Loops, Construction Kits, Vocals)

- Rumble (577.71MB unzipped / 267 files / One-Shots, Loops)

Note: These 3rd party plugins must be registered and activated at our partner’s website (waproduction.com) after purchase. Redemption codes and instructions will be available under your Image Line Account > My Licenses section.

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