Piano roll Flam

The Piano roll Flam tool allows you to add 'drum flam' effect to your scores. Flamming is the technique of playing two hits very close together, blurring the attack from 'bam' to 'flam'. This effect is very useful to add some variation to the basic percussion performance.



  • Options drop-down menu - Opens a drop-down menu containing some useful presets.
  • Time - Sets the length of the quick strokes added before each note.
  • Absolute - Selects absolute or tempo based time for the Time knob.
  • Before - Places the quick strokes before the original notes' start time.
  • Velocity - Sets the velocity applied to the quick strokes.
  • Group notes - Groups notes that were part of the processed selection. The Grouping selector (On/Off) is on the Toobar shortcut icons.

Action buttons

  • Reset - Reset the tool to the default state.
  • Accept - Accept changes and close the tool. Note, these changes can be subsequently undone using the Current project History or Ctrl+Z.