Fruity Chorus

Fruity Chorus is an effect created by the slight detuning of one or more delayed copies of the input sound (similar to a choir of voices). Controls adjust the rate, time offset, shape and depth of detune.


  • Delay - Sets the minimum delay between the chorus voices. The chorus delay will be swept between delay and delay+depth. Range: 0 to 30 milliseconds. For 'deep' chorus effect, set this parameter to low values.
  • Depth - Controls the chorus delay modulation. The chorus delay will be swept between delay and delay+depth. If this value is zero, the chorus will remain 'static' as the delay modulation will stay constant. Setting the 'Depth' to higher values will create heavier modulation.
  • Stereo- Controls widening of the stereo image. If set to 0, the LFO on the left and right channel will be in perfect synchronization. At 180 degrees the left and right channel will be 100% out of phase, i.e. left channel will reach maximum when right channel is at minimum. Range: 0 to 360 degrees. Try setting 10 degrees for subtle stereo enhancement.
  • LFO 1 Freq / LFO 2 Freq / LFO 3 Freq - Sets LFO modulation speed.
  • LFO 1 Wave / LFO 2 Wave / LFO 3 Wave - Waveform of the LFO. Multi-sine is a mix of a normal sine wave and one three times its speed.
  • Cross Type - Defines whether the plugin works on the lower or higher frequency part of the signal. Process HP processes only high frequencies, Process LP processes only low frequencies.
  • Cross Cutoff - Cutoff frequency of the cross-over filter.
  • Wet Only - If using the chorus as a send effect, switch this parameter to mix the pure 'wet' output with the source sound.

Plugin Credits: Smart Electronix