Fruity Send

The Fruity Send plugin is a pre-fader send that allows you to extract audio from any point in a Mixer channel's effects stack and send it to any linked Mixer track. This differs from the post-fader audio send switches/knobs built into the Mixer that take audio from the point after the effects stack and Mixer track fader.

NOTE: FL Studio will refuse to allow Fruity Send on the Master Mixer track or to make sends that would create a feedback loop. You don't want that, no really you don't.


  • Dry - Dry (pass through) signal through Fruity Send. By default Dry is at 0%, so turn this up if you want to hear audio on Fruity Send's own Mixer track. If you want to use multiple sends on one Mixer track, then you need to set all Dry knobs to 100% pass-through, and then the last Fruity Send in the stack Dry control can be set to 0% to prevent audio coming from Fruity Sends source Mixer track.
  • Send to - Choose the target Mixer track. NOTE: You can ONLY send to Mixer tracks that Fruity Send's own Mixer Track is linked to (see below).
  • Pan - Left/Right panning of the sent audio.
  • Volume - Level for the sent audio.

Making Pre-Fader Send Links

Fruity Send can send only to Mixer tracks linked to its own Mixer track. Use Sidechain links (Right-Click the send target and select 'Sidechain to this track') as this will exclude Fruity Send's host mixer track, post-fader and complete FX stack audio, passing to the target.

  1. Link the Fruity Send's host track to the target track - Right-click the send control on the target track and select 'Sidechain to this track'
  2. From Fruity send to the destination - Right-click Fruity Send's 'Send to' control and choose the target track sidechained above. Pre-naming destination tracks will avoid confusion.
  3. Do you want audio from Fruity Send's host Mixer track to be heard? - If yes, turn up Fruity Send's Dry control to allow audio to pass through the plugin and out to the master.

NOTES: To send to multiple Mixer tracks you will need to use multiple Fruity Send's. Also consider the permutations for various send control states (Fruity Send and its own Mixer Track send):

  • Fruity Send Dry control - Fruity Sends Dry control may be passing or not passing audio to the Mixer track it is loaded on.
  • Mixer Track Send control - The Mixer Track Send/s to other tracks may be audible or an inaudible 'Sidechain' send/s.
  • Mixer Track Master Send state - The link from Fruity Send's own mixer track to the Master may be audible or deselected.

That's, at least, 6 possible combinations, take a moment to think about exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin