Fruity Stereo Enhancer

Fruity Stereo Enhancer contains various filters and processors to alter and enrich the stereo image of the input sound. Related plugins are Spreader and Stereo Shaper. There is also a stereo control on the Mixer Track Properties - Stereo separation. Visualize stereo effects with Wavecandy Vectorscope.


  • Stereo Separation knob (STEREO SEP) - The stereo separation filter allows you to enhance or reduce any existing stereo effect in the track. The middle (default) position is disabled. Turn the knob right to decrease the stereo separation (sum L+R to mono), turn left to increase stereo separation. NOTE: This control has no stereo effect on mono sounds as it works by processing the difference between the L and R channels, if there is no difference then there is no stereo to enhance. This is the same process as the Mixer 'Stereo separation' control. Maximum separation and merging is around 98%.
  • Pre/Post switch - Lets you choose whether to have the phase offset effect applied before (PRE) or after (POST) the other filters in that plugin.
  • Phase Offset knob - Changes the phase of the L or R channels. Top dead center is normal phase, turning the knob right will progressively offset the phase of the right channel, while turning the knob to the left will progressively offset the phase of the left channel. The phase offset is achieved by delaying the affected channel by up to 500 ms. Settings of 20 to 40 ms usually produce a realistic stereo effect on mono signals.
  • Invert switch - With this filter you can invert the phase in one of the audio channels. NONE disables the effect, LEFT inverts the left audio channel, RIGHT inverts the right audio channel.
  • Panning knob (PAN) - Sets the panning of the output. When used with small delays, the phase offset effect can make the sound appear panned to left or right. You can use this knob to compensate for this effect.
  • Volume knob (VOL) - Sets the final output level. In some cases the stereo separation control may increase or decrease the output level. Use this control to compensate.

Plugin Credits: Didier Dambrin