VFX Level Scaler

VFX (voice effects) Level Scaler is used in Patcher to scale Note Properties as received from the Piano roll. It's a live version of the Level Scale Tool, allowing you to modulate these properties in real-time. The graph shows input-output mapping for Note - Velocity, Release, Pitch (fine), Pan, Mod X and Mod Y values.

NOTES: The graph shows input on the horizontal and output on the vertical dimension. The plugin window is resizable in both horizontal and vertical dimensions.


For each mapping of Note Velocity, Release, Pitch (fine), Pan, Mod X and Mod Y, the following modifiers are available. Most adjustments are represented on the graph:

  • Center - Center of the tension effect.
    • Tension - Curves the output line.
  • Multiply - Multiples the output. Makes the output line steeper or shallower.
  • Offset - Adds or subtracts a fixed value to all output values. Moves the line up or down.
  • Humanize - Adds random values to the output of the plugin. The range will be reflected by a shaded region.
    • Humanize mode - Spread (random values can add or subtract from the output), Add (randomization is only in the positive direction), Subtract (randomization is only in the negative direction).
  • Reset - Resets all values on the tab to their defaults.
  • Event persistence - Fade time for visualized events (Lollipop displays).

Plugin Credits:

Code: Paul Dunn

Interface: Paul Dunn, Miroslav Krajcovic.