Amp Tool

The Amp Tool works in a similar way to the mixer track controls, including stereo separation, panning, linked and independent L and R channel volume.

To Open the Amp Tool

To open the tool press (Alt+A) inside the editor, or use the Tools > Amp > Amp option.


  • Stereo Sep - Stereo separation. The stereo separation filter allows you to enhance or reduce differences in the audio between the left and right channels of a track. In the default position (middle), the stereo separation filter is disabled. Turn the knob right to decrease the stereo separation (sum L+R to mono), turn left to increase stereo separation. This control has no stereo effect on mono sounds as it works by taking the difference between the L and R channels, if there is no difference then there is nothing to enhance.
  • Panning - Panning
    • Panning law - Circular/Triangular panning. Circular panning maintains a constant apparent volume as the sound is panned. Triangular panning applies a linear ramp to the volume as the sound is panned. Read more about panning laws here.
  • Left/Right - Volume, left and right channels linked.
  • Left - Left channel volume.
  • Right - Right channel volume.

NOTE: Volume faders are bi-polar so below the mid-point the phase of the signal is reversed and amplified as the slider is dragged to the bottom. The mid point is 0 dB (silence).

Action buttons

  • Reset - Return the tool to the default state.
  • Preview - Audition the current settings.
  • Accept - Process and paste (replace) the original selection.