Drum Tool

The Drum Tool appears as the Drum(loop) stretcher and Paste replace drum dialog. The purpose of the tool is to reconstruct the decay portions of sliced drum beats that are often abruptly cut short in the slicing process. The Drum Tool works by detecting attack and decay portions of each region in a drumloop (or the selected beat) and then reconstructs more natural sounding decay/s. The options provide the opportunity to fine-tune the decay section to match the source material.

To open the Drum Tool

To open: Select Tools > Time > Drum(loop) stretch (Ctrl+T). The tool also appears as a paste dialog active on the Edit menu after a selection (copy or cut) has been made - Paste replace (drum) (Shift+T).


  • Pitch coarse - Changes the base pitch in semitones.
  • fine - Changes the base pitch in cents.
  • mul - Pitch range multiplier.
  • Time mul - Changes the sample duration in %. In 'Stretch' mode this value is automatically calculated.
  • length (ms) - Changes the sample duration by specifying length in milliseconds(ms). In 'Stretch' mode this value is automatically calculated.
  • tempo - Specifies the tempo of the stretched sample. The original loop must have embedded tempo information for this option to show.
  • Insert tails - Fills gaps by reconstructing missing tails from drum beats.


  • Method - Fill gap method.
    • None - The whole slice (beat) is stretched.
    • Echo grains - Granular-based stretching method. Waveform cycles are sliced (grains) and repeated.
    • Stretch - Time stretching (constant pitch).
  • Blur - A convolution blur function is used to smooth tails.
  • Random presence - Adds more stereo randomness on the tail blurring.
  • Loop - Applies a cross-fade loop to the last 1/2 of the sample.

Tail envelope

  • Method - Decay method.
    • None - The whole beat is stretched.
    • Smooth fade - The attack transient is detected and left untouched. The tail is used for the gap-reconstruction and smoothly blended with the attack transient. Using this method, the original drum sound will be modified.
    • Append - Uses the same process as the 'Smooth fade' option but with the reconstructed tail appended. The transition between the original sound and the reconstructed tail will be more obvious, but the original drum will be left mostly intact.
  • Transient - Transient detection factor. The engine uses this factor to detect which part of the slice is the attack portion of the beat.
  • Tail slope - Slope of the reconstructed tail.
  • smoothing - Smoothing factor for the reconstructed tail slope.

Action buttons

  • Reset - Restores default settings.
  • Preview - Audition the current settings.
  • Accept - Click to process and paste/replace the original selection.