Internal Controllers

Touch Controllers

Virtual MIDI Keyboard and Drumpads - Open the Touch Controllers using the View Menu > Touch controller (Alt/cmd+F7) or use the Touch Iconon Toolbar Shortcuts 1. Choose between a Keyboard or Pad style controller. The Controller will play the selected Channel and can be recorded to the Piano roll. Use touch or your mouse. Features are as follows:


Click the gear icon to show the Edit Controls. From left to right:

Keyboard - Show Keyboard.
Drumpads - Show Drumpads.
Note Labels - Show note names.
Velocity - Enable velocity with vertical play position on the key/pad.
Pad Color - Open Color Selector to change color(s) of selected pad(s).
Lock Scrollbar - Disables the Scrollbar above the Keyboard.
Edit Mode - Opening the controls will set Edit mode, touching/clicking keys and pads will then show their options.

Touch Keyboard

To edit the keyboard, select the Gear icon:

You can:

  • Select a 'Single' or 'Double' keyboard.
  • Enable / disable keyboard labels.
  • Enable / disable velocity (vertical touch position).
  • Set a root note (this will transpose the keyboard). The default is C5. In addition to using the dropdown menu, you can also Right-click a note to set it as the root note. After changing the root note, both pressed key and note played in the MIDI instrument will be highlighted.
  • Lock the scrollbar (found along the top of the keyboard).

Touch Pads

To edit the pads, select the Gear icon:

You can:

  • Set the Grid size from 2x1 to 16x8 ... don't start complaining! 16x8 = 128 and after that there are no more MIDI notes to create pads.
  • Enable / disable keypad labels.
  • Enable / disable velocity (vertical touch position).
  • Set a custom MIDI key for each pad (root note).
  • Set custom Colors for pads. NOTE: You can color multiple pads simultaneously: Hold (Shift) + Left-click to select multiple pads, then click the Pad Color icon.